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A Dragon Life

Is a side-scrolling game made in game maker for 16-bit. The game is about a life of a dragon fighting to survive in the big bad world. As the more stages you go through you will grow gradually throughout till the last stage, where you are a mighty adult dragon going to bring destruction.


Feast and Consume: As the tiny dragon, eat the minor enemies around to heal or gain more life

Mhm, cooked meat?: As the teen dragon, burn your enemies to turn them into cooked meat, then slash to heal back or gain life.

Burn, Burn, BUURRN!: As the elder dragon, nothing can hurt you, so burn the world.


Space bar = Bite/Slash

Tab = Fireball/Flamethrower (In teen and adult form)


Email address: groundbreaker000@gmail.com

Install instructions

Download the game and have fun


A Dragon Life.exe 4 MB

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